“I Think What You’ve Done Is Perfect!”

Can there be any sweeter words for a freelance creative to hear from a client?

Being a freelance copywriter is sometimes like being a cross between William Shakespeare, David Ogilvy and Mystic Meg. You need the dexterity to make words dance and the business acumen to make them convert, as well as the ability to intuit which will be the winning approach for each client… Often before they even decide their own objectives!

It’s a unique set of skills that I’ve built up over the last decade-and-a-half and I’m still adding new tools to my creative toolbox. I love the challenge and spend hours crafting perfect prose for my clients that seems effortless to their customers. And, as happened yesterday, it’s very much appreciated when a client takes the time after receiving my work to get in touch to say, “I think what you’ve done is perfect!”