How To Start Your Own Business. Part 17

Thinking of starting a business, but not sure what you need to know? Begin your journey here with my basic guide to business start-ups. In my role as Editor for The Business Show and Business Startup, I have talked with literally thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs about what they really need to know, not what a business guru thinks they need to know. I hope that my basic guide to business start-ups has given you a good idea of where to begin over the previous 16 parts.

Over the last few weeks, this series has looked at the most important areas any business start-up or entrepreneur should consider when setting up in business. It’s taken you from developing an idea and attracting funding on to setting up in daily business and telling the world how great your company is. I hope it’s been a good starting point for your research and that it’s given you an insight into what it takes to start an SME. In case you want to go back over any of the topics we’ve covered in this series, here’s a handy set of links to every blog:


Register Your Idea

Research Your Market

Write A Business Plan

Set Up Your Business

Get Funding


Get A Website


Employing People



Business Mentors





If you found the series – or any of the articles in it – useful, please share them via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog. I’d really appreciate it, thanks. If you need professional copywriting for anything from your first business plan to marketing collateral and press releases, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today to find out how I could help your business.

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